【消防車贈呈式】グジュラーンワラ市に日本の3台の消防車が到着Ceremony for Japanese 3 Fire Engines at Gujranwala Pakistan

Walmly gift 3 fire engines from Japan to Gujranwala

世界中で仕事をしているMalik Welfare Trustのソシアルワーカー アフザル・マリックさん
3 Fire Engines Arrived to Pakistan and finish immigration, then arrived at Sardar Yasin Hospital which operating by Malik Welfare Trust.
The hospital provides all service for free to poor people who cannot pay for treatment fee. Respect they are working for humanities.

Afzal Malik, social worker and chairperson of Malik Welfare Trust in Gujranwala and I were in Pakistan at the same time coincidentaly.
We had a hand over keys ceremony in a hurry just one day before my departure to Japan.
Planning & managing for only few days but great ceremony


グジュラーンワラの消防署から多くの方が列席、国歌が流れる中 DC(グジュラーンワラ市副長官)Nalia Baqir女史が到着
Many fire fighters gave DC GRW Nalia Baqir & me salaam with national anthem

Rescue 1122 in Pakistan, 119 Japan

Appreciate for managing everything for respectable Afzal Malik.
Japanese Fire engines were workind very hard and save many people's life in Hitachi city including the year of The Great East Earthquake 2011.
Happy second working life in Gujranwala. Appreciate for good maintenance.
Hope they are beloved by people same as in Japan and keep being more helpful work at Fire House.
Save many lives and long life themselves ever.

こちらは2019.2.10日立市からAfzal Malikさんに消防車が手渡された様子です

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