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Movie"Tigers"now on Cinema Qualite Shinjuku. true story in Pakistan パキスタンの実話「汚れたミルク」公開中


Movie "Tigers" is coming from true story which occurred in Pakistan Formula milk selling by a global company in Pakistan 1990's. Ayan who is a salesman knew that milk sold by himself is threatening the lives of children.  And he decides to accuse big company・・「汚れたミルク」は2014年に完成した映画ながら、いくつかの国際映画祭で上映されたのみで劇場公開は日本が初。
  Movie "Tiger "  (Japanese title dirty milk)
Director Danis Tanovic ✖ ”The Lunchbox” production team
Cast        Emraan Hashmi
Danny Huston
Music   Pritam

"Tigers" was screened in 2014, but it was only screened at several international film festivals, but Japan's first public theatrical release.
A shocking theme that many infants died as a result of poor parents dissolving in unsanitary water and giving baby milk to infants.
Ayan the salesman of fomula milk was shocked this fact,  asking the company to discontinue sales and accusing WHO, but it made be driven into harsh conditions.
Do people in Pakistan know the truth of this case? How can I act if I can confront this fact?
Poverty and starvation still should not be lost from the world Do not forget reality.
3/5 until the end of March at Shinjuku Cinema Qualite. Check it.

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