Photo gallary in 2017 写真でたどる活動の記録


それも一国にフォーカスして考える心があるからこそ広い考えが生まれてきます。 パキスタンという国にフォーカスし、日本とのつながりにフォーカスし、正確で豊富な情報を発信していけますように、これからも国際的に活動をして参ります。

Happy New Year 2018.
Thank you for your big support in 2017. Here's a part of NPO's activities in 2017.

NPO Jasmine の詳細はこちら→☆

[su_highlight]Thank you for your big support in 2017![/su_highlight]

the FUSION 2017 Lahore

Activities with CMC going to introduce Pakistan for elementary school & special support school


Join Pakistan & Japan Friendship Festival UENO

Making Apricot oil. Supporting women's job training

Donation of books & stationaries to the school in Gilgit Baltistan
We are going no make more JASMINE library in 2018


Donation of ambulance to the Hospital in Gujrlanwala
More medical support with Red Crescent in 2018

Appreciation to The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry for "the FUSION 2017" in Lahore


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