“the FUSION 2017 Lahore” finished with big success on 8th September!


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The 65th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Pakistan “the FUSION 2017”
hosted by The Japan Embassy and NGO/NPO Pakistan Japan Jasmine Association
8th September 2017
Participants  700~
Crystal Hall / PC Hotel / Lahore Pakistan

Thank you for the speach
Chief guest Hameeda Waheed du Din

the owner of DIN      Mansoor Elahi                The Japan Embassy Katsunori Ashida


Dr Saeed Akhtar “The Japan Halal Industry” with displayed Japan Halal foods

Badar Ali Khan : Qawwali

Sennosuke Wakatsuki and Atsushi Hiratsuka : Kabuki         https://kikakuya.jimdo.com

Tsugaru-jamisen: Chie Hanawa            http://www.chiehanawa.munique.co.jp/

Awa-odori (Folk Dance)    http://www.geocities.co.jp/ukiyoren/



Urdu song by Katsunori Ashida The Japan Embassy    fun talking Urdu even Panjabi  Ramzan Siddique with him


Thank you for the cooperation Red Crescent Pakistan

All photos credit by Kashif Minhas and Rashid Samad Khan.

Thank you

Al Sania Japanese Lungage Center
Thank you Basharat, for making nice 65th anniversary badge.

Thank you for FPCCI, the Media & Newspaper & TV. Star Asia TV has 1hour program.

Thank you for joining NGO/NPO Pakistan Japan Jasmine Association

to be continue ・・・Tour report next.

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