School project in Gilgit

【学校建設7】心暖まるご支援を有難う♪ Appreciation for contributions!


新型コロナ禍で経済も社会も足踏みする中、ミナワー村とローカルコミュニティーが進めるパキスタン北部の学校 Abdul Manaf Memorial Schoolの設立。コロナのお蔭で半年間すべてが立ち止まりました。観光がメインの北部では仕事が減り生活が脅かされています。学校どころではないはずなのに、皆さまざまに協力してくれます。地域力に加え、仕事創設の意味合いも大きな学校建設です。
Because of Covid-19, society and business, even personal life has changed and searching for new life after covid-19. Tourism in northern area has reducing but people in Minawar still have hope to have school in village and support us. Thank you for all your contributions. Making school=making jobs too!!

 ご支援で再開した塀づくり    Start to work on fence and gate with many supports


Children's expectations are growing. Sorry for making you wait. The staff is also working hard to think about school managing for the early opening. Selling of our original honey from own farm.
We must to make fence surrounding the school for avoid of destroying or stealing some and protecting children. Thanks God, we managed to start the gate and the fence.

 セメントの為、水のパイプラインも引きました    Making pipe line for water, now start making cement

 日本に住むリハナさんからの大きなプレゼント  Big support from Rehana Sahi living in Japan

Finally, we started the school building and the fence. But we didn't have enough financially to maintain the classroom and lifeline, so we were thinking that it was still a long way off.

But I received a wonderful heart warming gift from Rehana Sahi ♪
A big step towards opening a school! !!
Thank you for your power! !!

Water tank, electric wire, carpet, whiteboard sports goods,books, sweety・・・ many many

 Thank you イベントでお披露目  We had a thank you event for enjoy together with kids


-School project in Gilgit
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