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【祝】パキスタン独立記念日を祝う特別授業 Pakistan Independence Day 14August


We cerebrated Pakistan Independent Day on 14 August at Abdul Manaf Memorial School.


Talk about Covid-19 firstthen cerebrate the independent Day all together



No announcement in advance though, many kids joined our special class.
We picked up trash and cleaned up around school first, then how to avoid Covid-19 infection.
Rare opportunity to gathering and do something together, all kids are in good manner they could sit and listening very well.
No one was waking around or chatting together, very calm and concentrate on hearing


Kids are looking so fun even picking up trash, very good refreshment to move the body freely


1947年8月14日 パキスタンはイギリスからパキスタンとして独立した建国記念日です
Today is 14th August and it is a very special day for all the people of Pakistan 🇵🇰 because today our beloved and Amazing country came to existence and we are proud of our beautiful Pakistan and Pakistanis are very patriotic.
Thanks to God that we are alive to see this beautiful moment and we are very happy.
I wish Happy Independence to All the Pakistan across the Globe


Children are eager to come to school every day.
However, the interior of the school building is not complete yet. We are so much appreciateto get the cooperation of heartful supporter, but need more support.
What a bright and beautiful eyes kids have and understanding well everything quickly...
now! !! The timing is now!!
Principal and teachers want to tell all about the human, life and the world peace.
We are believing that a baby step makes a big step and bright future, go forward step by step!

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