NPOジャスミン 英語版(English ver.)

All about NPO Jasmine (Jp. and En. )NPO活動とは?

Let's know about beautiful Pakistan, and MPO Jasmine's activities 美しい国パキスタンとの異文化交流を楽しむNPOです
You can join us any time, just send us a message!!!!!日本とパキスタンで活動しています。いつでも参加できます。
 ★Inquiry (お問合わせ)

Join NPO as a member and plz support us. 
Let's enjoy communication with friendly Pakistan community. Choose one!
①Regular membership fee(attend annual general meeting) 正会員 3000円
 ②supporting member(no neet attend annual general meeting) 賛助会員 2000円
★Inquiry (お問合わせ)

★Festival(depends on corona situation) <Japan & Pakistan>
★Workshop in Gujranwala in end of October <Pakistan>
★Pakistan tour in November, December 2022, April 2023・・・etc.<see real Pakistan>
★Exhibition of antique shawl in February 2023 <Japan>

-NPOジャスミン, 英語版(English ver.)
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